14 July 2023

No.1 Yummy Pancetta Pasta with Peas

Crispy pancetta, delicate peas, and a ton of flavor are all packed into pancetta pasta with peas. It takes under 30 minutes to prepare and only calls for 5 ingredients (plus salt, pepper, and oil).


Pancetta Pasta with Peas is delicious as a complete supper on its own, or you can add a salad, like this straightforward arugula salad, or another vegetable, like roasted broccolini or roasted asparagus, to complete the meal.

Why I adore this dish Pancetta Pasta with Peas

  • Crispy Pancetta – When Pancetta Pasta with Peas, it becomes delightfully crispy, and the pancetta fat gives the pasta taste.
  • Simple Ingredients – This recipe only calls for five basic ingredients, in addition to salt, pepper, and oil.
  • Ready in Less Than 30 Minutes – By the time the water is boiling and the pasta is cooking, the pancetta and pea combination will already be prepared.
  • Pancetta-Pasta-with-Peas-1


  • Whenever it comes to pasta, I like to use shorter pasta such rotini, rigatoni, or penne.
  • Canola or oil from avocados may be replaced for olive oil if used in frying.
  • Diced Pancetta – You may purchase packets of diced Pancetta. You will need two for this recipe because it is normally offered in 4oz containers.
  • Frozen Peas – Fresh Peas may also be substituted. Although standard frozen peas work just as well, I used small frozen peas.

It’s preferable to use freshly minced garlic, but you can also use pre-minced garlic from a jar.

  • Freshly Grated Parmesan – This is ideal since it better melts into the pasta.
  • Kosher salt and pepper – When cooking pasta, it’s crucial to season the boiling water. Pancetta is already rather salty, so I don’t add more salt to the dish itself, but you can season to taste.
  • Reserved Pasta Water – After boiling the pasta, remove a cup of the cooking liquid. A light sauce may be created by adding a few dashes to the spaghetti.
  • Optional garnishes to add before serving include fresh lemon zest and fresh parsley. Both provide some freshness to counteract the salinity of the pancetta.


Changes and Replacements

  • Bacon can be substituted for the pancetta if desired.

The cooking time for the bacon to become crisp remains the same, but it will take longer.

  • Reduce the Serving Size – This recipe makes a whole pound of pasta, which means it can feed 6–8 people (depending on if you’re also serving other dishes), but it can be easily reduced to fit a smaller family.
  • Red pepper flakes – I enjoy adding a good sprinkle of red pepper flakes when cooking the garlic and peas if you want to give the dish a little bite.

Step-by-step Guidelines

It just takes a few minutes to prepare Pancetta Pasta with Peas. This prosciutto burrata pasta with peas has tastes that go nicely together with the salty pancetta.

  1. simmer the Pasta – To begin, raise a large pot of salted water to a boil, then add the pasta and simmer until it is just al dente. Don’t forget to save aside some of the pasta water.Pancetta-Pasta-with-Peas
  2. Cook the pancetta: Preheat a sizable pot or sauté pan and add the oil. Add the pancetta and cook until crisp and brown. Pancetta should be transferred to a platter, leaving the extra fat in the pan.Pancetta-Pasta-with-Peas
  3. Cook the Peas and Garlic – Reduce the heat, add the peas, and saute the garlic in the same pan until the peas are cooked.
  4. Combine Pasta – Add the pancetta, cooked pasta, parmesan, a generous sprinkle of black pepper, a splash of the pasta water, and optional salt. I find the pancetta to be salty enough. Add extra pasta water as necessary and mix.Pancetta-Pasta-with-Peas
  5. Serve – Immediately serve the pasta, topped with freshly chopped parsley and, if desired, lemon zest.Pancetta-Pasta-with-Peas

Recipe Advice

  • Save the pasta water! Don’t throw away the pasta water! Making a thin sauce that helps the components stick to the pasta requires the use of the saved pasta water. I prefer to set aside more than I’ll need, then gradually add more until the right consistency is achieved.
  • lemon Lemon and Parsley – Although adding lemon and parsley may be ignored if you don’t want to rush to the shop, they both give a fresh and bright taste that harmonizes beautifully with the salty pancetta.

Leftovers & Freezing Leftovers

Pancetta Pasta with Peas Leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.


You may reheat leftovers in a pan over the stove. To assist things get looser again, I prefer to add a little water or cream.

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